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The Leeds Centre for Projects (LCP) is a dynamic knowledge ecosystem focusing on the three pillars of education, research and engagement. It provides a forum for addressing global as well as local challenges and issues and facilitates collaboration between industry, government and academia to advance knowledge, promote good practice and improve project delivery for sustainable futures.

Members of the LCP share a common passion to improve our understanding and capability in project management with the aim to advance theory and practice.

As a knowledge ecosystem, the LCP is at the nexus of education, research and engagement and facilitates the following:

  • Collaboration – working together amongst individuals involved in education, research and engagement related to project management; from within the School, across the University and externally with academia, industry and policy makers
  • Interdisciplinary work – promoting work across intellectual boundaries and strengthen knowledge exchange across fields, sectors and organisations
  • Mentorship and leadership – contributing to the development of the next generation of project researchers whilst demonstrating leadership in the field nationally and internationally
  • Entrepreneurial funding generation – ensuring sustainable growth through the exploitation of a broad variety of funding sources
  • Network convening – acting as a catalyst for networks to bring the right people together at the right time to explore interesting and relevant problems

As project scholars we consider it our responsibility to address pressing societal challenges for sustainable futures. We recognise that this requires collaborations across national borders and disciplinary boundaries. Our motivation is to contribute to sustainable futures for everyone through improved project delivery.